Do you move to Rome? Change neighborhood and go to live in another part of Rome?
We have 3 types of moving, choose which one is more convenient for you.

DIY move
Economy move
I move everything included


DIY move

The DIY move and the solution for those who want to save money and can carry out the packaging, dismantling and reassembling of the furniture alone, will have a driver with a truck of 23 m³ or 16 m³ for a maximum load of 35 quintals.

The driver will arrange the goods on the truck, you just have to arrange to get everything close to the side of the truck.


Economy move

If you choose the economy move you are guaranteed to pay as little as possible, still receiving a top-level service.

All you have to do is find the boxes ready with all your objects to transport, so that our porters can start to transport them to the van and dismantling the furniture.

1) Each package must not exceed 15 kg of weight (in case of single wave cardboard) or 20 kg of weight (in case of double wave cardboard)
2) Every single fragile object must be wrapped in the paper of chasuble or newsprint
3) Objects between them should not “dance” therefore shaking the package should not feel any movement
4) The fragile (plates, glasses, etc.) should be put together (so do not mix them with other non-fragile objects, paying attention to place them vertically and never horizontally!
5) As for the clothes we should not do anything else but take them from the closet and hang them in the specific box, a very fast and risk free operation.
6) On each box, which must be closed with the tape on all sides (never carry open boxes!) You write the name of the room and its contents with the marker, so the repositioning will be greatly benefited!

If you think that the above is not for you, no fear, the all-inclusive move is your ideal solution!

All inclusive move.

If you choose the all-inclusive move we’ll take care of everything.

A highly qualified team will provide to:

1) pack your furnishings with the utmost care in special double or triple wave boxes and mark them for quick identification.
2) disassemble the furniture
3) transport everything in the new house or in our warehouse (in case your new home is not ready yet)
4) reassemble the furniture at the new house and reposition the furnishings)